Our story

Adaptus began in Austin, Texas in 2015 when a team of ex-Salesforce employees identified a problem with Salesforce: it didn’t scan files for viruses. We decided to build a solution to assist all of the Salesforce customers threatened by this problem, and this was the birth of EzProtect. Once we had mastered Salesforce file scanning with our intimate knowledge of the Salesforce platform, we expanded our vision to include other companies who also didn’t scan files, including S3, Box, Sharefile, OneDrive, Dropbox, Jira, and more. We developed a platform that serves as a centralized source for companies to protect all of their enterprise cloud SaaS systems from threats.

Today, Adaptus specializes in customizable cybersecurity for Fortune 500 companies and Government Agencies, working with our technology partners to serve organizations around the globe, including in North America, Europe, and Asia. We believe in a future of centralized enterprise-wide security and intelligence for all applications under a corporate umbrella and are working tirelessly to ensure that the Adaptus name becomes synonymous with this reality.

Our mission

To create simple, elegant, world-class enterprise cybersecurity solutions

Our vision

To provide peace of mind to the global business community, and safeguard their secrets

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